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3 smart solutions for storage shortage

3 smart solutions for storage shortage 

Online sales are still on the rise and customer requirements are increasing. The package must absolutely be delivered the next day and preferably even the same day. The logistical challenge posed by this growing market is enormous. If you have a warehouse, you will have noticed that it can sometimes be a challenge to manage it and to create enough space for the growing demand. Want to learn more about optimising your warehouse space? Read this blog article. 


Is all the stock really necessary? 

The first thing you should ask yourself when you are running out of space in your warehouse is whether you really need all the stock that is currently there. Often a lot of space can be saved by having less stock or by reducing the assortment. Products that are not or hardly sold can go, leaving more space for products that are sold. In the long run, this is really better for your turnover. 


Think about the way you store your products  

The practical storage of products is also something that many warehouse owners get wrong these days. There are many useful designs that allow you to store your stock as practically and efficiently as possible. Think of storage bins, pallet boxes or drawer bins. When you store your stock in a smart way it can save you a lot of space.  


Create space by building an extra floor 

If you are really short of space, even if you have already gone through all your stock on relevance and you have put everything on the shelves in a smart way, then a mezzanine floor might be the best solution for you. The investment in a mezzanine floor will double the amount of square metres you have at your disposal, allowing you to place many more products. The investment in a mezzanine floor can often be recouped within two years, which makes it a lot cheaper than moving the entire warehouse to a different location.

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